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Smith Creative Writing Club

Welcome to the SCWC!

We meet on Sundays from 1.30-3 in CC 103/104.  We are currently looking for people to manage our Facebook group, this website, and a Twitter account.  Let us know if you're interested (or ask for more information) at our email address:  Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

If you want to use our forums as a way to get feedback, you must join as a member.  (You are welcome to be a member even if you don't want to use the forums!)

Thanks for checking us out. 

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What do we do in meetings?

We write!  Sometimes we do group work, sometimes free write, and sometimes we have speakers.


Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies, came to our club meeting on 4/13/14.  Check out his page here.  

Prompt 1: Listen to a piece of music, chosen by Issac, and then write one sentence based on it, which are then arranged into a story.  

 In a field of celestial computers, their magic din arises like the sound of copper and rambunctious dogs as they all, simultaneously, wire the infinite codes of their binary heartbeats.  Head over to our blog to read the rest!   

Prompt 2:  Listening to a different piece of music, (a remix of Loreena McKennitt's The Mummer's Dance), each write a sentence of dialogue, which will then be combined into a story.

Click here to find out how vampires, fiddlers, and adventures fit in!